Our Projects

Capacity Building

Offering comprehensive training programs and ongoing mentorship to aspiring poultry farmers, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge for successful poultry farming

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Access to High-Quality Poultry Inputs

Ensuring smallholder farmers have access to high-quality poultry inputs, such as improved breeds, vaccines, and feed, to enhance the productivity and health of their flocks.

Market Linkages and Value Chain Support

Facilitating market linkages and providing support throughout the poultry value chain, connecting farmers to formal markets, buyers, and processing facilities to maximize their profitability.

Sustainable Farming Practices and Environmental Conservation

Promoting sustainable farming practices that minimize environmental impact, including waste management systems, efficient resource utilization, and the adoption of organic feed production methods.

Women Empowerment and Gender Equality Initiatives

Implementing targeted programs that empower women in poultry farming, providing them with training, access to resources, and opportunities for leadership and entrepreneurship within the industry.

Community Engagement and Social Impact Initiatives

Engaging with local communities through initiatives such as school feeding programs, job creation, and partnerships with local organizations, to create positive social impact and contribute to community development.

Our Projects

Latest Works

Community Engagement Project

We recruited 10 small holder farmers as our first beneficiaries.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our team has started engaging local small holder farmers in the Poultry Industry

Radio Botswana Interview

Our CEO shared about our work in Gabarone April 2023

Resolution Project

Social Venture Challenge Award