Ishimwe Prince

Head of IT

Archimedes Prince is a self driven individual with a remarkable journey, born into a Rwandan refugee family in Uganda’s refugee camp. His commitment to giving back to the community led him to found Canva Corporation, a startup dedicated to providing opportunities for learning and prosperity to all. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering & Environmental Management at Mbarara University of Science and Technology. Additionally, he holds a Certificate of Digital Literacy Skills Transfer from Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology, showcasing his proficiency in digital skills and computer usage. 

As Archimedes pursues his commitment in the IT sector, his potential to contribute as an IT expert at Nugget is unparalleled. Armed with digital literacy skills, online communication proficiency, and experience in transforming ideas into viable ventures, he brings valuable expertise to the team. His continuous involvement in leadership and entrepreneurship programs showcases his commitment to driving positive change in communities. With his background in technology and hands-on training, Archimedes is ready to leverage his knowledge and skills to make significant contributions to Nugget and further the company’s mission