Dr. Springs Solomon

Technical Lead

Dr. Springs Solomon, a highly knowledgeable professional, received his Veterinary training at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), West Africa’s premier university. With 12 years of experience in poultry farming and hygiene practices, he brings a wealth of expertise to Nugget Poultry Farm.

As a seasoned veterinarian, Dr. Solomon possesses comprehensive knowledge in the field of poultry farming. His deep understanding of animal health, nutrition, and disease prevention enables him to provide effective guidance and support to farmers. With a focus on implementing best practices, he ensures that Nugget Poultry Farm maintains high standards of animal welfare and hygiene.

Dr. Solomon’s extensive experience in the poultry industry has allowed him to develop innovative solutions to challenges faced by smallholder farmers. Through his expertise, he helps farmers optimize production, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency. His dedication to sustainable poultry farming practices ensures that Nugget Poultry Farm operates in an environmentally responsible manner.

With a commitment to continuous learning, Dr. Solomon stays updated on the latest advancements in poultry farming and hygiene practices. He actively engages in research, attends conferences, and collaborates with industry experts to incorporate cutting-edge techniques into the farm’s operations. This ensures that Nugget Poultry Farm remains at the forefront of the industry, offering farmers the most effective and efficient methods to enhance their poultry production.

Dr. Springs Solomon’s profound knowledge, practical experience, and dedication to promoting sustainable and hygienic poultry farming make him an invaluable member of the Nugget Poultry Farm team. His contributions play a pivotal role in empowering smallholder farmers, improving animal welfare, and advancing the Ugandan poultry industry as a whole.