About Us

About Us

We are committed to revolutionising the Poultry Industry

Nugget Poultry Farm is a transformative agribusiness venture revolutionizing the Ugandan poultry industry through empowerment and sustainable practices. We empower smallholder farmers, especially women in rural communities, through market linkages, infrastructure development, and skills training. Join us in creating a sustainable and prosperous future for Ugandan farmers.


Aims to empower smallholder farmers, particularly women in rural communities, by providing them with the necessary resources, training, and market opportunities to thrive in the poultry industry.


We committed to practicing sustainable agriculture and promoting environmentally-friendly approaches throughout the poultry value chain.

Social Impact

We are driven by a strong commitment to creating positive social change. We focus on addressing social inequalities, promoting gender equity, and uplifting marginalized communities by providing them with opportunities for economic growth, education, and skill development.


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About The Team

Driven by a Passionate and Talented team of Youth


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Our Core Values

Empowering Communities through Integrity, Co-creation & Excellence

At Nugget Poultry Farm, our success is built on a strong foundation of core values that guide our actions and shape our culture. These values define who we are as a team and drive us to make a positive impact in the poultry industry and the communities we serve. With integrity, collaboration, excellence, and innovation at the heart of everything we do, we are committed to empowering smallholder farmers and transforming the agricultural landscape.

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